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In The Spotlight: Shamala Tan, Intuitive Life Coach

In overcoming our mistakes, we wind up seeing the path that is truly right for us. Shamala Tan’s learnings from past experiences led her to find what truly brings her joy and fulfilment – and her passion for coaching and helping others is truly an inspiration to all.

In The Spotlight: Tara Lai, Owner, Avec Amour

Sometimes, all it takes is a leap of faith for us to have the courage to do more than we could have ever dreamed or imagined. Tara Lim followed her gut feeling, and her vision, passion, and determination has enabled her to live the life she wants – doing what she truly loves, while living a happy, balanced life.


In The Spotlight: Paul Lim, Founder of AStar Success

A man who values credibility, good business, and family. Paul Lim shows us how having the courage to take risks and venture into the unknown can prove to be the best decision for success in one's professional and personal lives. 

#FilipinaTrailblazers: Ann Cuisia, Founder And CEO, Gava Tech

A woman with substance, full of genuine kindness and generosity. Ann Cuisia knew that she wanted to make a difference, to encourage goodness in others – and no matter the odds, no matter the sacrifices, she is steadfastly turning her vision of a better, kinder world into reality.

In The Spotlight: Gayathri Subash, Travel Lifestyle Expert

Gayathri's passion for travel and love for the arts fuels her to live a LIFE of fun, freedom and fulfilment. This lifestyle entrepreneur lives by the motto “Aspire To Inspire” and embodies this wholeheartedly.

In The Spotlight: Claudine Fernandez, Founder of Artistic Strategies Academy

She found her calling, and pursued it with unequivocal passion.

#FilipinaTrailblazers: Angelica Umali, Woman In Transition

A remarkable woman who has accomplished so much, and is on the verge of another powerful chapter of her life. Angelica Umali is not afraid to venture out into new, unchartered territory – knowing that she can go beyond where she has already gone, and be so much more than she could have possibly imagined.

In The Spotlight: Alexandra Schmutterer Owner, Saakalya Pte Ltd

Following a successful corporate career, Alexandra Schmutterer decided to focus 100% into fulfilling a lifelong dream: She establishing her own business, Saakalya Pte Ltd.

In The Spotlight: Aarathi Arumugam Owner, The Party Elves

Boutique children’s events company The Party Elves owner Aarathi Arumugam’s venture into entrepreneurship was fuelled by her determination to achieve a good work-home balance.

In the Spotlight: Chris Richards, Head of Training, Up fitness Singapore

Fitness is his passion. Encouraging people to be the best version of themselves.


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