In The Spotlight: Michelle Ayn Tessensohn, Master Coach

In The Spotlight: Michelle Ayn Tessensohn, Master Coach

Master coach Michelle Ayn Tessensohn talks about her career path, successes, failures and more. Gather inspiration and learn more about her life in this interview.

Chosen Career Path

My very first business was a publishing business, but it was shut down unfortunately by the landlords. My parents, who told me that, at eight years old, I should be focusing on school and not making money from my friends. Fortunately, this did not curb my entrepreneurial spirit.

I am now a master certified life coach and have been coaching since 2010. I run my own business working with clients one to one, in groups, and collaborate often with individuals and training companies to give talks and run courses. I was a holistic therapist and natural health consultant previously, working with natural remedies such as essential oils, herbs, and homeopathy from 1999.

I work primarily with women aged 35-45 plus, who are successful and independent but on the verge of burnout and feeling jaded. My clients are seeking deeper connections in their relationships, a sense of purpose in their careers or want to pursue creative aspirations. I help them overcome self-defeating habits and beliefs that keep them stuck, so they can live a fuller, more meaningful and mindful life.

On Following Dreams

In my early 20s, I left university and went to live with two yogis – much to the delight of my very Catholic parents. It was a time in my life where I felt a very strong urge to understand the deeper currents of life, so I could get some perspective on my struggles and make better choices.

I read many books on philosophy, metaphysics, religion, psychology, personal development, and spirituality. I went for therapy, past life healing, personal development courses, workshops and practiced yoga dutifully. I was blessed to meet many wise mentors, but also crossed paths with some charlatans (par for the course). I consciously began a journey to find enlightenment and that has been the overarching theme in my life for the last two decades.

As I healed and started to understand myself, I was able to help others who were also seeking healing, understanding and clarity on their life choices.

On Business And Career Dreams

I know it may sound like a cliché but I really love what I do and am constantly so thankful for finding work that holds so much meaning for me. It is truly an honour and privilege to be able to support others in finding greater peace and purpose.

In other ways, it has been much tougher than I thought it would be. It has taken me longer than I ever thought it would to learn all the skills necessary to establish myself. If I’m really honest, it is still a work in progress. I have had to repeatedly make a decision to keep going, be patient, humble, to think long term and let go of any expectations I have about where I think I should be professionally.

Entrepreneurial Frustrations

I feel sometimes like I am spinning my wheels and working very, very hard for very little return and that can get me questioning myself. I wonder if I can ever achieve what I want to professionally or if I should just go get a job at Starbucks.

It’s tough not to judge those times and there is this nagging subtle or sometimes not so subtle fear that I will always feel like that and never get any motivation or inspiration back.

*Cue disenfranchised grunge music soundtrack*

What I notice though is if I let myself take a breather, lower my expectations and output for a period while I recalibrate and reach out for a listening ear or just enjoy hanging out with nurturing friends, I do bounce back and often stronger for it.

On Failure And Important Life Lessons

For a long time, I let other people define me. I was convinced that if I had something great inside me, someone important would see it and tell me and then I would feel capable and confident. Over time, I realised that it doesn’t matter what other people tell us – even the really important people. We have to believe in ourselves first of all and stop underestimating what we have to offer.

I learnt that a lack of confidence does not equal a lack of talent: that my very own self-defeating habits and limiting beliefs held me back most. By addressing these issues, and I do not say that lightly as it has taken me years, I was able to largely free myself mentally and emotionally and become more authentic, peaceful and present in my life.

Now because of the journey I took, I help my clients track where a lack of self-belief may be holding them back. I show them the steps that they need to take to unravel their false beliefs and trust what they yearn to create in their lives is not only valid but possible, if they are willing to do what’s required to make it real. It is my view that we all have something great inside of us.

Work With Michelle

Contact me for a coaching consultation to speak more about how coaching can support you to achieve clarity, purpose and alignment with your goals in life.

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Michelle Ayn Tessensohn

A guide for independent women who feel overwhelmed or lack focus, Michelle helps her clients discover the power that is innate within them to master their life. Through her coaching, workshops and meditation classes, Michelle is able to help increase clarity and confidence while significantly improving your sense of purpose, inner calm and mindfulness.

If she’s not meditating you can find her biking, hunting for vegetarian food places, or speaking out in support of social causes.

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