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Gina Romero

Gina Romero
Gina Romero is the Managing Director of The Athena Network Singapore & Asia-Pacific, and the Founder of ExecutiveLifestyle.co.

Community, entrepreneurship and technology are at the heart of everything Gina does. She runs a number of businesses and initiatives with a focus on fostering the exchange of business and expertise on a local, regional and international level – in conjunction with, and supporting, technology-powered social mobility projects.
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Recent Posts

#FilipinaTrailblazers: Ann Cuisia, Founder And CEO, Gava Tech

A woman with substance, full of genuine kindness and generosity. Ann Cuisia knew that she wanted to make a difference, to encourage goodness in others – and no matter the odds, no matter the sacrifices, she is steadfastly turning her vision of a better, kinder world into reality.

#FilipinaTrailblazers: Angelica Umali, Woman In Transition

A remarkable woman who has accomplished so much, and is on the verge of another powerful chapter of her life. Angelica Umali is not afraid to venture out into new, unchartered territory – knowing that she can go beyond where she has already gone, and be so much more than she could have possibly imagined.

Online Networking Strategy: Five Tips To Get Digitally Organised

With so many things to deal with, it’s hard to get everything ticked off the digital to-do list.
But digital tools can help you get organised for networking both online and offline, so it's worth investing a bit of time to get it right.

7 Tips To Break Through Your Networking Fears In 2017

When you hear the word networking, what comes to mind? People usually associate networking with business cards, introductions, pitching, meeting people, selling yourself, referrals and finding clients.

But at the heart of it, what does networking really mean?

6 Reasons Why Networking Could Be Your Best Marketing Strategy For 2017

One of the most common things I hear from new Athena members is that they meant to attend an Athena networking event for a while, but for some reason, they didn’t get around to it. When they finally join, they wonder why they didn’t do it sooner.

#FilipinaTrailblazers: Niña Terol, AVP Of Corporate Affairs At McCann Worldgroup PH

She loves to breathe new life into her work, and this may be what has taken Niña Terol so far from her humble beginnings. She has risen up to each and every challenge faced, and now fiercely embraces living a truly passionate, authentic life.

Becoming A Conscious And Compassionate Leader With Dinah Salonga And BPW Makati

BPW Makati is known for inviting incredible guest speakers who encourage the role of women as prime contributors to society. Recently they hosted conscious leadership and mindfulness expert Dinah Salonga.

#FilipinaTrailblazers: Pacita Juan, Founder of ECHOstore

Pacita Juan shares her entrepreneurial journey from coffee to sustainable lifestyle and making an impact each step of the way.

#FilipinaTrailblazers: Camille Pilar, Surfer And Writer

For some, life is all about chasing your passion and doing what makes you happy. Meet one Filipina surfer and barista who packed her bags and chased after that dream.

Proud Night For Filipino Entrepreneurs as PLDT Announces Winners Of #BeTheBoss Awards

PLDT SME Nation’s #BeTheBoss Awards announced its winners for 2016 last Friday. Executive Lifestyle was invited to celebrate their excellence in tech innovation and digital integration for business growth!


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