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Yana Fry

Yana Fry is a transformational executive coach, group facilitator and thought leader who has taken her message of soulful business and empowerment to students and clients worldwide.

Yana's area of expertise is helping people and organisations pinpoint their hidden, unexplored areas of talent and potential and turning these into increased results. She also helps leaders find their bigger why so they lead with passion and authenticity.

In addition, Yana operates an active blog, a thriving web TV channel where she interviews leading titans of industries and get them to share their words of wisdom.

Yana's goal is to positively impact the lives of people worldwide, and show them how to lead a life of passion and purpose.




Yana is a transformational executive coach, group facilitator and thought leader who has taken her life-creation principles and message of empowerment to students and clients worldwide, from Singapore to New York, Moscow to Dar Es Salaam. 

Her area of expertise is building high performance teams, coaching change makers and entrepreneurial leaders, advising on skillful influence and unleashing creativity.




Yana identifies hidden potentials within people and organizations, and pinpoints the beneath-the-surface reasons that hinder success. With her openhearted yet insightful style, Yana coach attendees to awaken to the amazing talents they already possess, guides them to overcome resistance and take action to turn goals into reality. 

Yana combines incredible life experience, a diverse range of multi-disciplinary skills, a global worldview and coaching expertise to help her clients achieve permanent success. 


Yana TV


Yana operates an active blog, a TV channel (YanaTV) that hosts inspiring interviews with leading members of every industry, and shares uplifting content on her Facebook pages everyday. Her goal is to positively impactsocially conscious businesses and the lives of many people. You can DO and BE more than you ever imagined possible! 

Outside of business Yana is a family person, who loves yoga, dogs and adventures.

Yana has coaching programs, e-learning classes, free resources and more so do check those out!

If you want more details, write to us at connect@yanatv.com




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The Athena Network Singapore - Executive Club Member
International Coach Federation
International Coach Academy
Transformation Presence Leadership Coaching
Singapore Council of Women's Organisation (SCWO)
Eurasian Association Singapore

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