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Vinnie Mehta (Preview)

Nano’s Arte was conceptualized and founded in 2014 by Vinnie Mehta, who has an impressive body of work and an illustrative career spanning 20 years in the field of graphics and digital media. As a digital artist, she was a nominee for Canada’s Gemini Award and she has worked on several North American shows and Hollywood movies as a digital compositor.

Her own experience of working with digital media showed her how kids and families are easy targets to the influence of screens and technology, and she made a mental note of working with kids in a way that negates this influence and helps them tap on their own latent creativities. Thus, Nano's Arte - "Art by children", as translated literally from Spanish - was born.

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We provide digital detox tools and development programs for families to unplug from digital to bring back focus, mindfulness, and creative conversation to bond family together.

Our Program's Philosophy
Our family digital detox programs are based on three principles: Create, Connect, and Celebrate - principles which lead to deeper relationships with creative conversations, and better mental and physical health. Also, these help to increase understanding and acceptability between parents and children through their collaborative activity.


About The Founder
Our founder Vinnie Mehta has 20 years of experience working as an artist for film and TV shows like Captain America and Smallville. She was a nominee for Canada's version of the Oscars, Gemini Awards, under the category of visual effects. Now, she uses her gained experience in filmmaking to capture the attention and imagination of children and parents, and bond families together through music, art, and filmmaking concepts without digital. She believes in nature's law of creation, which helps us connect seamlessly as we celebrate our lives.


We Offer Digital Detox Programs And DIY Bonding Gifts

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1. DIY Bonding Gifts 

Create your own bonding gift with your children’s drawing for your family and friends. It helps children to express their gratitude and love for their loved ones and receive validation and appreciation every time a family member or friend use it such as every sip of a coffee or tea from their given mug will put a smile the faces and refresh the bond between them.

Bonding gifts are perfect for festivals, birthday parties, teacher's day, and even as a personal gift to yourself. Companies can also add a little extra class to their boardroom by adding their employees' children's artwork on their corporate gifts.


Just take a picture or scan a drawing and send it to us to print it on high quality products. After printing we will deliver to your location.

  1. T-shirts
  2. Tote Bags
  3. Mugs
  4. Coasters

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2. Digital Detox Programs For Families And Children
Paint your own t-shirt or tote bag.
Be the canvas!

Bring back hundreds of eye contacts, thousands of smiles, and millions of heartfelt conversations which get lost with our heads down and eyes glued to digital screens on smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Cherish mindful moments to celebrate family.


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Our workshops provide children and families with opportunities to put aside their digital gadgets, gain new perspectives, and re-emerge with balance and connections. Collectively, family members will bring their creative imagination to life. The heartfelt family conversations will be re-framed and re-established, and dialogues will involve all human senses with eye contacts and positive conversations.


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Create, connect, and celebrate with Nanos Arte today!

+65 97727697

1, North Bridge Road, #19-04/05, High street Centre, Singapore 179094

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