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Vadivu Govind

Vadivu Govind is a facilitator and positive psychology coach. She focuses on leadership and staff development that catalyses positively deviant results for organisations. At the same time, Vadivu's intention is for people to experience the workplace as an inspiring place to grow, serve, connect, play and flourish. She enables leaders to experience leadership as a meaningful and fulfilling vocation.

Vadivu is a certified strengths practitioner (R2 Strengths Profiler), licensed Science of Happiness at Work™ practitioner, Appreciation at Work facilitator and Drake P3 Associate using the P3 personality assessment tool.


Joy Works is a boutique agency whose mission is to enable positive, high-performance workplaces where people flourish and sustainable progress is achieved.  We catalyse culture transformation through high quality, in-depth learning experiences.


Outcomes When You Partner with Me

  • Positively deviant performance – If we want performance that deviates from the norm, then we need to take action that also deviates from the norm.
  • Staff loyalty and retention – Much like other relationships we value in life, we need to put in effort to keep a long-term relationship healthy, flourishing and irresistible with employees.
  • Strengthened innovation potential – Positive emotions open up the mind to new possibilities. Positive relationships allow people to synergise and co-create new solutions.
  • Inspiring customer service – Those who serve need to be served. Then smiles will be warm and genuine and connections with customers will be enlivening because this is a natural outflow of positive emotions.
  • Sustainable increased productivity – With wise targets, taking care of the high priority needs of employees and building an organisation with a higher purpose, people would want to give their best.

My Services

  • Bespoke Design and Delivery of Courses
  • Positive Psychology and Servant Leadership Coaching
  • Consultation

My Approach – Positive, Humanistic, Bespoke

I strive to build long-term relationships with clients, providing

  • Strong interventions influenced by the scientific rigor of positive organisational scholarship as well as Robert Greenleaf’s servant leadership philosophy
  • Research-based solutions
  • World-leading profiling instruments related to positive work culture
  • Interactive sessions for transformation, customised to your needs
  • An inside-out approach which recognizes that culture change starts with the habits of the heart of leaders.

More important than any technique or tool is how I use myself and my relationship with you as key instruments for change.


Client Experience

Her capacity to develop meaningful and practical workshop sessions from complex and often nebulous concepts was exactly what we needed. This and the fact that she takes care to deepen her personal engagement to whoever she is working with, meant that her work with us felt entirely bespoke, a genuine partnership. Nathan Hunt, Head of Theory of Knowledge, United World College of Southeast Asia


The Singapore skyline painting above was created for Joy Works.

Can you spot the hearts? They symbolise greater love, wisdom, joy and sustainable progress.


Get in touch with me for a conversation on how we could co-create

an amazing workplace that creates amazing results!

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