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Ratri Maria

Ratri Maria is Indonesian by birth and spent her formative years in Jakarta before moving to Singapore to continue her studies. She worked for a number of years as a marketing & brand consultant, which gave her an opportunity to travel across the globe & explore new cultures and environments. On all of these travels she always encountered unique pieces of fashion & craft pieces made by local artisans/community to sustain their livelihood. Sadly, very few people beyond the local area were aware of these beautiful creations. This inspired her to think of ways  to bring these creations to larger audiences.

The idea came to fruition earlier this year, with the launch of The Nomadic Trails. The Nomadic Trails is a curated online marketplace which lets customers find & buy fashion and livings items made by designers/artisans, who believe in social and environmental ethics, from across the globe through a single platform. 

Ratri believes in a business with purpose. The Nomadic Trails aims to reconnect the missing link between the designers and customers. Through this platform, artisans & designers can share their passion, techniques, and journeys of their creations directly to the costumer. The hope is also this direct link between customer and artisan will make the purchase more unique and fulfilling for customers as well.



Beautifully curated hand-crafted pieces and stories with a breath of modern spirit from around the world.

TheNomadicTrails.com is not about fashion, but creativity and story behind each piece.


We are passionate about  beautiful, hand-crafted fashion and home items revived from unique traditions and cultures on the pulse of modern-day aesthetics. 


Our curated online platform allows you to easily shop ethically-made items from the most talented and passionate artisans & designers across regions through a single checkout.

Begin your journey with us!


Opening Hours: Always open

Contact Person/s: Ratri Maria

Other Details:  Singapore based - Worldwide shipping



The Athena Network Singapore - Executive Member

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