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Namrata Rao

Namrata Rao is the founder of MultiCult, an online platform for emerging artists to showcase their paintings. Having a software engineering degree along with a masters in wireless communications, has resulted in combining her technical expertise with her passion for arts in this new venture to promote the unique & often 'unrecognized' works of young artists in Singapore. She believes in connecting true art enthusiasts with genuine talent to create an enriching experience.

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MultiCult is an online art gallery (www.multicult.com.sg) with a mission to promote the paintings of emerging artists and ensure that art is an accessible and affordable choice for everyone. Our idea is to provide both online and offline avenues for the paintings of budding artists.


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We have been operational from the start of this year and been working to find new artists and create an online platform to showcase their work. We believe that by providing an online platform, it makes it easier for people to view the work at their own convenience. We arrange an appointment for our customers with the artist to not only look at the work but also interact with them before buying it. We believe in the philosophy that - Art doesn't need society but society needs art.


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After a stint of globe-trotting with her husband, engineer Namrata Rao decided to finally give in to her passion for the arts and set up MultiCult, an online platform in Singapore specialising in emerging artists and showcasing their passion and stories.Visiting a plethora of art museums and galleries globally, she realised that the best way to explore a country’s culture and heritage is not just by meeting the local people but exploring the local art scene. She was struck by the fact that the emerging local artists were missing from the picture.


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In each city she sought out their work and discovered incredible talent along the way.To satiate her curiosity, she began meeting the artists and realised that they were so absorbed in the process of creation that their biggest challenge was to find gallery representation to showcase their work. She also discovered that business acumen was not first nature to them but it was vital in order to sell their work. Also, galleries were not looking at new and emerging artists since they could not risk investing in them. These experiences lead to the birth of MultiCult.


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Business Hours: Always Open (Online Platform)

Contact Person/s: Namrata Rao


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