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Marie Nadal-Sharma

14 years in the luxury travel industry have brought Marie from Paris, as a Director of Sales and Marketing, to Asia as the founder and director of Them You and Me Ltd. The experience of being part of a corporate team and an entrepreneur, has equipped her with excellent consulting, marketing, communication and organizational skills.

Marie fills in the gaps and strives to be an inspiring presence, sharing the vision, offering fresh perspectives and empowering businesses one mission at a time. Her forte as a consultant is her ability to cut through complexity to deliver quality and personalized results. She likes to positively influence the commitment, productivity, and performance of her clients.

Marie is "taking care of business while you focus on your vision.”


Them You and Me Ltd. is a unique approach to business mentoring and consultancy that empowers, guides and executes various projects for its clients. Conceptualised and brought to power by Marie Nadal-Sharma, it aims to make a difference to entrepreneurs and business owners through fresh perspectives and rich entrepreneurial experience. At the heart of the undertaking lies a thorough understanding of how business works, and a firm competence in filling in the gaps when most needed, fuelled with the passion to build a trusted and transparent collaboration.


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