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Lydia Wee

Lydia Wee is the Director of Business Development and Co-Founder of Helios Media Design Pte Ltd, It & Marketing agency that combines business technologies with creative developments. At Helios Media Design, they believe that effective design isn’t simply about aesthetics, it’s focusing on your company’s goals and delivering scalable and sustainable solutions as a part of your business strategy.


hmd gallery 1Our primary objective is to be the one source for all your design needs.


And for this to be successful we need to have a clear purpose with no distractions.

This is why we don’t brag about our awards or achievements (at least as much as we can!), because we know that when you meet us, you are there to tell us about your needs and not to watch us polish our brass.

This helps us keep our design objectives pure, unfettered by other agendas and true to our clients.

We believe that this creed is the biggest factor that has managed to help HMD maintain long lasting business relationships with many of our esteemed clients and business partners.

We are designers, not artists.


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Helios Media Design is a design solutions company that combines creative thinking with a special consideration for your business’ objectives.

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At HMD, we consider ourselves an extension of your company. We ensure that your goals are met and your project isn’t just a stepping stone to another design award.


Creating a solution from your point of view, not ours, helps us deliver a product that is competitive, relevant and effective. We believe that effective design isn’t simply bringing an idea to life, it’s focusing on your company’s goals, not ours.

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Contact Person/s:

Please feel free to contact Lydia or Lilun, the leaders of our friendly sales team!

Email: lydia@heliosmediadesign.com
Mobile: +65 9437 8132

Email: lee.lilun@heliosmediadesign.com
Mobile: +65 9777 0322


Other Details:

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