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Liza Rowan

She has educated, motivated, and inspired countless lives in taking their health seriously by appreciating their body and mind through her website, Health & Vitality.

Liza Rowan focuses on nutrition and pulling truth from fiction so you don’t have to be overwhelmed by the plethora of health information available. If you are confused about where to start with being healthier, and how to get motivated to do so, then Health & Vitality gives the support you need.

Liza is not only a first-class nutritionist, she is also a powerful coach without judging or preaching. She works with expatriate women, working ladies, and those who want a solid foundation in the basics of nutrition.

She is also the proud creator of the successful ‘Revitalise-in-5’ online course.

To learn more about who she is, how Healthy & Vitality can benefit you, and to get a taste of her work through a free cheat-sheet, click here.

Being a mother who has relocated many times around the world with young kids, and worked in corporate at an executive level for years, I understand how it’s not always easy to make our health a priority. However, like we work on strategy, planning and implementation in the business world so that things get done, we can also apply these techniquesto our own health. With some focus and motivation, anything is possible.

I educate, motivate and inspire people to take their health more seriously by appreciating their one and only body (and mind).

My particular focus is on nutrition: deciphering all the nonsense out there by outlining the fundamentals of basic nutrition, and the how-tos in achieving healthy eating for individuals and families. Healthy eating should not be hard work nor involve giving up our favourite foods – ‘there is a healthier version of everything’.

I generally work with expat women, most of whom hold/ have held responsible work positions, are mothers and, therefore, are also responsible for family health. Although well educated, they are either confused by the ever-changing health-related advice in the media, or have some medical symptoms that they wish to address through better nutrition.

If you are confused about where to start with being healthier, and how to get motivated to do so, Health & Vitality gives the support you need.

Offering the knowledge to clarify the nutrition facts from the fiction is one thing; however, you also need the right skills so that change is possible in small steps that are easily adapted to your lifestyle.

Let Me Guide You

I offer in-class courses on nutrition and health, which run in small groups; this ‘Nutrition & Lifestyle Journey’ runs over a five-week period, meeting once a week with online support and discussion in between.

You can also take my online course Revitalize-in-5! Five weeks to a healthier, happier you, which has proven to be hugely successful as we learn together and get support via a private online community and online meet-ups.

Health & Vitality works with you to adopt many little changes, for big permanent success.

As a guest on BBC World News, having the opportunity to mingle with celebrity chefs on Masterchef Asia, hosting various corporate talks and charity social events, along with charity excursions to deprived areas in South East Asia, I am confident in working with people from all areas of life.

My publications on nutrition and lifestyle have appeared in:

  • Executive Lifestyle
  • Athena Network
  • In The Loop
  • Expat Living
  • Beam Magazine
  • Liv Magazine
  • Mompreneur

You’ve one body, love it. You’ve one life, live it!

Those who have been on one of my courses have used the words ‘life-changing’ and I want this to be the case for all my future clients; you too!

Life is there for us to grab and make the most of it. We witness it flying us by, so it’s important to have our sights on the bigger things we want to achieve, while also appreciating the finer, small things in our daily life.

Click here to receive my cheat-sheet on the “Health & Vitality” way. 

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