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Lee Ling Tan

Lee Ling is the founder of Yiu Translation, a professional English & Chinese Translation Company in Singapore specialized in providing translation, copywriting and editing services for businesses and individuals. Being bilingual is a trait Lee Ling cherishes and she believes that good translation is not a measure that should only be adoptable by big enterprises but anyone who believes in it.

When she is not busy switching languages in her head, she continues making her stand in bilingualism by filling up her personal blog with her travel and dining experiences in both English and Chinese languages. With that, it is not easy to get her out of her home office but a cup of authentic Hong Kong milk tea usually does the trick.


Yiu Translation is a professional English & Chinese Translation Company in Singapore specialized in providing translation, copywriting and editing services for businesses and individuals.


Area of expertise

  • Creative Translation

Contrary to belief that translation is a boring job, Yiu Translation’s expertise in Creative Translation allows us to infuse creativity and innovation to translation. Commonly used in translation for advertising or publicity objectives such as slogans or product descriptions, Creative Translation allows a more localized and coherent version of translation than the traditional word-for-word approach.

  • Chinese Copywriting

Chinese copywriting is another skill we have a flair for. Whether it is an article for your corporate website, an encouragement speech for your staff members or the food menu for your new café, professional Chinese copywriting will definitely add a touch of confidence and elegance to it. And what if you already have the English content? We certainly will be able to churn out an equally amazing Chinese version using our Creative Translation technique.


What makes us different?


  • Instead of speaking to a third party (in most cases a project manager) and not knowing who is the translator that did your work, discuss your work details with Lee Ling directly. This personal yet affable engagement ensures that your language needs will be met with higher efficiency and attentiveness.
  • We are devoted to provide professional translation, copywriting, proofreading and editing services with affordability and timeliness. No job is too small to receive professional attention.
  • Loyalty from clients is highly valued by us, that’s why we offer discounted rates to clients who keep coming back.

“I believe in building a genuine and lasting relationship with my clients, offering them language advice and assistance more like a friend rather than just an associate.”


If you are wondering how good translations could help you in your business, here are a few reasons:

  • Improve your image as a reputable company with a global profile
  • Heighten your professionalism through a portrayal of good language use
  • Extend your reach to more potential customers


Work samples

Many corporate and individual clients have received professional translation assistance from Yiu Translation since its establishment, particularly small-medium enterprises and individuals who seek good quality yet affordable translation services.



Visit here to view more work samples.



lee_ling_tan_1.jpgAbout the Founder

Lee Ling spent her earlier career life working in several education institutes where she had her first chances participating in basic translation works. Realizing her interest in translation and writing, she went on to pursue her Bachelor in Translation and Interpretation in 2009 and since then, has been working on translation projects as a freelancer. She is also the holder of Lianhe Zaobao Silver Award for her degree programme during her graduation year.


Lee Ling’s affection for the Chinese language started young and today, she further embraces her life-long interest by incorporating it into her career. With the passion of pushing Singapore’s translation standard to a whole new level, Lee Ling turned interest into full-time career and founded Yiu Translation in 2014.   


As she blends passion with profession, she admits that it is easy to get her business and personal life all mixed up as she continues spending hours in front of the computer, filling up her personal bilingual blog with her travel and dining experiences even when she is not occupied with work.


See the casual side of her here. 


When people express their doubt for Yiu Translation’s capability given its small scale as a language company, Lee Ling humbly shares her belief:

“Quality is all that matters. Start small, stay long.”



Boost your business with good translation today! Contact us now to discuss your language needs.

After all, good translation matters.

Email: leelingtan.work@gmail.com

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