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Karen Lee

Fitness lives in Karen’s blood since she first started a trial class in aerobics with AMORE, a well-known women’s gym in Singapore at age 15. Since then, she fell in love with aerobics. Her professional background lies in Information Technology particularly in Channel Alliance and Business Development, which officially ended in June of 2014. Karen has then taken fitness full time into her hands and is the Founder of Karenlee.Fitness LLP She conducts HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to her clients either individually or in a group 5 times a week. It’s the most effective way to lose weight and get into shape quickly, hence she believes that everyone in Singapore should get on board!

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Karen Lee Fitness is all about delivering results based on customised physical readiness and nutritional plan. I offer a 60-minute free consultation on your first visit. The purpose is to understand your objectives and goals so that I could properly assess you and customise a workout program for you. The bottom line is I CARE about how you work out and what you eat.


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I offer one-on-one training at the convenience of your preferred location. Currently, I train clients at the neighbourhood stadiums in the east and north east regions. I am trained in corrective movement, personal training as well as boxing.



I offer corporate fitness services in the evenings. It is all about letting your hair down after a long and hectic day in the office. Get a good sweat going!



I offer group training classes at the convenience of the clients at a central location, which is ideal for everyone. It is about providing motivational support and encouragement to one another. People tend to give up after a couple of sessions due to lack of support and motivation hence if you are not into solo training, have a shot at group training. I promise fun and lots of sweat.



It is a classification of exercise that involves training the body for the activities performed in daily life. HIIT, Gymsticks, TRX, Kettlebell trainings are a few exercises I perform with clients.



I offer exercises that strengthens your core. I believe that a strong core is essential to correctly perform strength training exercises, to lift a maximum amount of weight and to reduce your risk of injuries.


Services I Provide:

Fitness training such as HIIT, Kettlebell Training, Cardio Kickboxing and gymstick Pilates, Nutritional Coaching, Mobile experience I travel to wherever you are


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Business hours : Rise & Shine until Dusk

Contact Person: Karen Lee / 97820148 / healthfreak2576@gmail.com


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