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ExecFuel™, the six-week online program that empowers busy executives to feel energized by achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The ExecFuel™ Team specialize in tailored nutrition coaching for time-poor executives and professionals who travel excessively, work long hours, and do not have fixed routines.



Have you ever felt like you’re just too busy with work to lose weight or live a healthy lifestyle? I specialize in tailored nutrition coaching for time-poor professionals who travel excessively, work long hours, and don’t have fixed routines. I’m the founder of ExecFuel, the 6-week online program that empowers busy executives to feel energized by achieving and maintaining the healthy lifestyle they need.


As a mom to twins, I’m all too familiar with the imbalance many face between living healthily and working well.

With more than ten years in the world of corporate I was suffering from health issues, bad eating habits, and fluctuating weight. This was fueled by high stress, travel, and sleepless nights. Although I was seeing financial success, it was not the same for my health. In 2013, I decided to dedicate my work to helping other busy executives get the most from life: finding balance between working hard and living healthily.

Not only do I coach from experience but my skills are also supported by the following degrees:

Postgraduate Diploma in Human Nutrition,

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology,

Certificate in Wellness Coaching,

Business Diploma in Human Resources.

I also maintain memberships to:

Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association,

Nutrition Society of Australia,

Nutrition Australia,

The Athena Network Singapore,

Prime Time Business and Professional Women’s Association,

International Association of Healthcare Practitioners.

As a lover of food, fitness, and travel, I also want to see my clients attain a work-life balance that will not only make life less stressful and healthier but also have them feel energized for great work.



I live by the tagline for ExecFuel, “Eat Great. Feel Great. Work Great”. I also believe good nutrition is about fueling yourself to perform at your best, in order to achieve the work-life balance you seek.

Want to learn more about how you can get out of your unhealthy work-life rut? Find out more about my 6-week online program dedicated to helping busy individuals get the most from their lives by finding a balance between working hard and living healthily. Explore resources such as videos, downloadables, and infographics, at your fingertips 24/7, that coach you on how to make simple healthy choices on the go, and avoid the onset of chronic diseases that result from a busy work life.

Don’t forget to download my free ExecFuel Travel Checklist to get a taste of what I offer!

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