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Dr. Ivan Puah

Dr. Ivan Puah started Amaris B. Clinic in 2004 and since then, the clinic has established itself as a reputable medical facility that has helped many fulfill their beauty and aesthetic goals. With newfound beauty, patients have also experienced a rejuvenation of renewed self-confidence. Dr. Ivan Puah’s commitment, dedication and passion to his craft are evident in his work, his continuous study of his skill, and the importance he places on client-doctor trust.

With knowledge in both Eastern and Western medicine, Dr. Puah hopes to fulfill the aesthetic and beauty aspirations as well as boost the confidence of more people.

In 2005, we were one of the three clinics in Singpore which offers minimally invasive body sculpting treatments, such as the Smartlipo. In 2006, we were one of the first clinics in Singapore and in Asia to offer VaserLiposelection.


We’re all about addressing client’s needs with personalized attention and more importantly, the appropriate treatment.

As cosmetic procedures are one of the biggest decisions that anyone will make in their life, I genuinely want to prioritise your assurance, well-being, and safety. We take immense pride in the quality of the services we provide and we are passionate about what we do. That’s why it’s important for us to fulfill and help you realise your aesthetic and beauty needs.


When Amaris B. Clinic opened in 2006, we aimed to cater to a wider clientele and meet Singapore’s demands for beauty. While there was and still is a misconception that cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatments are all about beauty and vanity and only reserved for those who can afford it, we believe that those who opt for cosmetic treatments are actually looking to develop their self-confidence, which improves social skills and the way of life.

Above all, it is a journey of self-fulfillment rather than vanity.


I've been at the helm of Amaris B. Clinic practicing medicine for the last 19 years. I'm a graduate of the National University of Singapore and was trained by renowned French plastic surgeon, Dr. Pierre Francois Fournier. Our clinic has also pioneered cosmetic acupuncture as well as the use of full-range quality but affordable liposuction and advanced body sculpting treatments.


We provide solutions for both women and men that can target your face, skin, hair and other areas of the body. We can also discuss any unwanted appearance of aging, and your beauty wellness.


Apart from offering top-notch services that don't break the bank, we stress the importance of the care that we offer each client. I believe that it is really important to have high levels of trust in the relationship between client and doctor.

You have the right to look and feel beautiful, that's why we aim to make aesthetic treatments and cosmetic procedures affordable to a wider demographic.


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Contact: +65 6536 4211

Address: 140 Arab Street Singapore 199827

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Expert Showcase: Dr. Ivan Puah of Amaris B. Clinic

Beauty is indeed for everyone. However, a decade ago, aesthetic treatments and cosmetic procedures were considered an extravagance.


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