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Alexandra Schmutterer

Alexandra Schmutterer is the managing director and visionary behind Saakalya Pte Ltd. With 8 years experience in marketing and communications across the hospitality and technology industry, spanning a number of countries and multi-million dollar projects, it is fair to say that Alex has a flair for making things happen.

Growing up in Germany, Alexandra was awarded a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Passau, complementing her Diploma of Event Management and Diploma of Marketing. After graduating, Alex began working for Siemens AG where she showed a tenacity to achieve.


Alexandra-Schmutterer-Bio-3.jpgIn 2006, Alexandra relocated to Singapore to take on greater challenges. Here she demonstrated her drive and charisma by climbing the marketing ladder before eventually moving into the hospitality industry, as the Pan Pacific Singapore Hotel’s Director of Marketing Communications. As part of the management team, Alexandra was instrumental in the $80 million renovation of the hotel. This included reimagining the interior for each of the restaurants, their themes and then the subsequence realisation of this branding concept.

With an eye for detail regarding hospitality, Alexandra has fed her creative and entrepreneurial spirit into the Saakalya Collection. Starting off as a side project, the Collection utilises Alexandra’s knowledge of the contrasting spa philosophies through the industry to target the growing market for the Asian-inspired holistic approach to wellbeing.

In February 2014, Alexandra made the decision to venture out of the corporate world and dedicate her time to developing the Saakalya brand. Having trained as a yoga teacher in order to help others ease the stress of busy modern lifestyles, Alexandra brought this too under the Saakalya banner as Saakalya Yoga. An entrepreneur at heart, Alexandra continues to grow Saakalya Pte Ltd through the introduction of Saakalya Travel which offers holistic weekend breaks to the hidden secrets of Southeast Asia. With this inclusion, the Saakalya brand itself represents the holistic lifestyle that it hopes to imbue.


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